Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Distressed skin fix

distressed skin fix

distressed skin fix by mintedmeagan featuring face moisturizers

I have to admit that my face is quite unhappy with me right now. It is sensitive, flaky, dry, red, and blemished. This is a strange combination of circumstances that has caused me to switch up my regular skin care routine and get my skin back in healthy condition. 

1. Use a creamy face cleanser to remove any excess oil, dirt, or makeup from your face. I like this one from fresh because it is formulated to be extremely gentle on the skin, but effective to remove impurities. 

2. After cleansing, use a repairing moisturizer to plump up the skin and provide immediate hydration and healing. This moisturizer from First Aid Beauty protects the skin from further harm while providing super hydration to parched skin. It is not greasy and perfect for everyday use before applying makeup. 

3. Throughout the day use a facial mist to calm skin and hydrate any dry areas, without ruining your makeup.

4. At night, after cleansing the skin, apply an ultra hydrating cream all over the face to heal any dry patches and improve the overall look of your skin.

Continue this regimen until your skin is healed and back to its regular self or use consistently for glowing skin.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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