Tuesday, October 3, 2017

I'm alive!

Hello all!

If you keep up with me on instagram (@mintedmeagan), you'll see that I'm making an effort to be more consistent in posting helpful tips and information for what I do to stay healthy(most of the time that is).

I'm a busy mom, wife, and student just trying to make healthy choices for myself and my family and hope to pass on what I'm doing in an effort to help other women who are just as busy, if not more so, as I am.

Thanks for reading and I'll write more soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Non-scale victories Pt. 2

I am hoping to be doing more regular posts here in the upcoming months, but life is always getting more and more crazy so I won't make any promises. Here's a snapshot of some non-scale victories recently. These are important for me to recognize so that I look at my overall health and habits rather than the numbers on a scale, because those numbers only give a small look at your overall health and well-being.

1. Retiring my size 12 and size 10 jeans. My size 8 jeans are too loose as well, but size 6 jeans don't fit my quads...
2. Measuring my body fat percentage and finding out I'm at an ideal percentage for my age(20%).
3. Not caring about showing my arms even with the stretch marks. I have some actual muscle definition there. Now I just have to keep working to get rid of the extra fat.
4. Being able to walk further in general and keep up with my active toddler.
5. Getting my average road pace under 11 minutes on most days.
6. That healthy and balanced eating has become the habit and I don't have to force myself to eat healthfully, it's just what I gravitate towards.
7. Running a trail 10K! And not feeling awful afterwards.

All of these little moments are what push me to continue my healthy lifestyle. For me it is all about balance and doing what works for you to be happy and healthy in your routine.
I am also super grateful to have an amazing support system that is always there to cheer me on.

Most of my team for Ragnar, plus my husband, at a 10K training race. He came in second overall!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Healthy Dessert Series-Pt. 1

Since I am always looking for alternatives to stuffing my face full of Oreos, Ben and Jerry's, and donuts, I have done quite a bit of experimenting with some recipes.
Not all of my recipes are fantastic, but some of them really hit the spot. Mainly these come together because I need to use something up or I want to see how certain flavors will mesh. 
I purchased two sets of popsicles molds. One I got at Dollar Tree and another on Amazon here.
I like having two different sets, one with four popsicles and the other with six. This makes it easy to break up the recipes to fit the calories that I am looking for. 
I am really bad about taking photos or doing anything even slightly professional, but I'm hoping just the recipe will inspire you. 
My main inspiration for these first two recipes I'm sharing came from my love of Yasso bars. They are so super good, but pretty expensive ($3.98 for 4 at Walmart), so I was looking for something a bit more budget friendly.
Most of the items can be swapped out with different brands, but it may change the nutritional information slightly. I build my recipes in MyFitnessPal and it is super easy. 
I found some Cookie Dough Bites and Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Bites at Dollar Tree that looked delicious, the rest was just trial and error. You could always swap these out for some dark chocolate chips or crushed up cookies, really the choice is up to you!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Frozen Yogurt Bars

Serves 4; can be changed to 6 servings to fit in your mold

6 oz Plain Greek Yogurt-I used Harris Teeter brand
1 package Cookie Dough bites
7 oz Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
1-2 oz milk of your choice

Mix all ingredients together, the milk will help the items blend together. Pour mix into the popsicle mold and freeze overnight remove and store in the freezer. To remove, place the molds in lukewarm water to the top of the mold and wiggle to release. I store mine in quart size bags which works perfectly.

Chocolate Birthday Cake Popsicles:

Serves 6; but can be adjusted to fit your needs

8 oz Plain Greek Yogurt
4 oz Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
2 tbsp Ghiradelli Unsweetened Cocoa
1 package Cupcake Bites with Sprinkles

Mix all ingredients together and spoon into popsicle mold. Freeze overnight then remove from mold and store in the freezer. 

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Full May Progress

Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA. I have been lacking creativity on what to post here and life has been insane with mine and David's training schedules so I haven't had time to create content. I am hoping to post more this month, but it is going to be extra busy so we will see how it goes.
This month was good as far as running and weight loss goes. I looked up the first time I was officially weighed after I got home from college. It was about 2 months before David and I got married and I was at 156. This most likely means I am at the lowest weight of my married life! Now weight isn't everything and I am definitely in better physical shape now, but I am glad to be seeing results. I feel so much healthier overall and am constantly amazed by how much better my body functions when I fuel it correctly and exercise!
Here are my measurements for this month:

Right Arm: 13
Left Arm: 13
Right Leg: 24 (.5 inch lost)
Left Leg: 24 (1 inch lost)
Right Calf: 15
Left Calf: 15.5
Natural waist: 29 (1inch lost)
Waist at belly button: 31.5 (2 inches lost)
Hips: 41 (1 inch lost)
Bust: 37 (1.5 inches lost)

This month I can definitely see how I continue to lose weight in the areas that my body holds onto fat,  mainly my midsection and hips. I'm also trying to focus on toning my arms since they are an area I find I always have trouble with.

Left: Jan 4//Right: June 2

Left: April 29//Right: June 2

Starting weight: 197.6//Current weight: 157.2//Loss since Jan. 4: 40.4 pounds//Overall: 82.8 pounds

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Old Navy Activewear Haul

Oh Old Navy. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

As the weather here has started to really heat up, I was looking for some running shorts that wouldn't leave me super exposed, but would also keep me cool on my runs. I found some amazing deals on Old Navy and could not be happier with what I received.
When I purchased these, Old Navy had 40% off for GapCard members, as well as items on clearance. I also had $15 worth of rewards and ended up getting all of this for under $40! I was super psyched to be able to get such a good deal.
All of the compression shorts I got were 8-10 inches long, which is absolutely perfect for what I need! Since I'm still *ahem* curvy I need the extra length to stop from chafing and absorb all the lovely sweat.
All of the shorts have some sort of small pocket to hold a key or energy gel. The bermudas have a zipper pocket on the back that is slightly larger that may fit Chapstick or some cash, but I run with a belt to hold my phone so space isn't usually an issue to hold what I need. It is nice to have the option though.

This post is not sponsored by Old Navy, I just really like their active wear.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Full April Progress

Yes! I'm alive! This month has been crazy as I've adjusted to a new schedule of cross training and mostly running. I can feel that my weight loss is slowing down since I've lost over half of what I want to. I was prepared for this and don't feel like I need to adjust my eating or anything like that, I just need to continue being consistent and keep pushing my body. I am glad that I am making progress and that my body continues to feel stronger each day. Some days are definitely harder than others, but I find that as long as I am consistent I am successful.
Here are my measurements for this month:

Right Arm: 13 (1 inch lost)
Left Arm: 13 (1 inch lost)
Right Leg: 24.5
Left Leg: 25
Right Calf: 15  (.5 inch lost)
Left Calf: 15.5
Natural waist: 30 (1.5 inches lost)
Waist at belly button: 33.5 (1.5 inches lost)
Hips: 42 (1 inch lost)
Bust: 38.5

Left: Jan 4//Right: April 29

Left: April 1//Right: April 29

Starting weight: 197.6//Current weight: 164.4//Loss since Jan. 4: 33.2 pounds//Overall: 75.6 pounds

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aldi Haul #1

Oh Aldi. I've recently re-discovered how much I love shopping here. And my wallet agrees. I'm here to bust the myth that eating healthfully has to be expensive. Now, I don't do all of my shopping at Aldi, since there are a few treats and certain things I enjoy that Aldi doesn't offer. I have found that I can get most everything that we eat there. I am picky about how certain things taste and a few items, the Greek yogurt mainly, that I purchased this time were to try out. I do prefer certain brands because they may have less sugar or fat, but I'm willing to try it once before I completely rule it out. 
The food above will last about 2 weeks. I will most likely do a smaller trip to pick up eggs and milk, but for the most part, this is it. 
I plan to do some posts about easy dinners that are actually things that we eat. I tend to post my breakfasts and lunches to Instagram pretty regularly, but if people are interested in those as well, I will post them. 
I'm including a spreadsheet of the prices I paid at my local Aldi, these may vary based on where you live. All of the food pictured above cost me $102. That's crazy! I love how far my dollar goes at Aldi. 

Here's the pricing list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XJ5p1UQPMIal6woPM4CnB61-mrFsP7S-9xM97EoAVmM/edit?usp=sharing