Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Full February Progress

I cannot believe that another month has come and gone. Time is flying by in so many ways and I can hardly keep up.
I'm still going strong with all of my goals and have found that consistency is key more than anything else. This month I lost 8.6 pounds, keeping me ahead of my targeted weight loss. I am still so shocked by how great I feel and how much easier it is to go about my day. I am still working to kick the caffeine habit, but I haven't had any soda in two months.
This month I've decided to add the goal to be up by 6:30 am each week day so I can get ready for my morning before Everett gets up. I feel like this will help me get a jump start on things.
I am so excited to be sharing my journey with all of you and can't wait for what comes this next month!

Right Arm:15
Left Arm: 15
Right Leg: 26 (.5 inch lost)
Left Leg: 26 (.5 inch lost)
Right Calf: 15.5 (.5 inch gained)
Left Calf: 15.5 (.5 inch gained)
Natural waist: 32.5 (1 inch lost)
Waist at belly button: 36 (3 inches lost)
Hips: 44 (1 inch lost)
Bust: 40

I didn't see quite the same results in loss as last month, but I feel like I am losing more weight in the areas that I tend to hold onto it, mainly my midsection. My progression photos have helped me to see how my body is changing so I take that into account as well.

Left: Jan 4//Right: Mar 1

Left: Feb 2//Right: Mar 1

Starting weight: 197.6//Current weight: 177.6//Loss since Jan. 4: 20 pounds//Overall: 62.4 pounds

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