Wednesday, March 23, 2016

My New Big Goal

Ever since starting this journey to better health, I've started by setting a big goal which I could then break down into smaller goals which I knew I could attain. This model works for me and as I've been having success in my fitness goals, I decided I wanted to set a larger goal than just a goal weight.
My husband and I have talked in the past about running a Ragnar Relay together and had bounced around the idea of doing one in Washington D.C. this September. As time wore on, I wasn't 100% sold. The timeline wouldn't work for his schedule at work and I was worried about the cost of renting vans, driving there, staying in a hotel, etc. We didn't register and it went to the back burner.
I got onto the site the other day to see if the Florida Keys Ragnar had opened up(it was already full) and noticed they had a bunch of new sites listed for Trail Relays. Naturally, I was intrigued and noticed one in South Carolina. One that was 30 minutes from my house. The trail relays are set up a little bit differently, so off time and such are spent camped out in The Village. You run in 8 person teams and everyone runs their legs to total 16.1 miles. This instantly felt like the right fit. I looked and saw that it was in October and that made it all the more appealing. I knew that I would have the time to train for this and be able to break this big goal down.
Now, I plan to run in with my mom and step dad, but David won't be able to take the time needed off work, so we're still in need of 5 more runners to join our team. If you are interested, please let me know! You can find more information here on the actual relay.
Have a happy Wednesday and thanks for keeping up with my journey!

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