Thursday, June 2, 2016

Full May Progress

Hello all! Sorry I have been MIA. I have been lacking creativity on what to post here and life has been insane with mine and David's training schedules so I haven't had time to create content. I am hoping to post more this month, but it is going to be extra busy so we will see how it goes.
This month was good as far as running and weight loss goes. I looked up the first time I was officially weighed after I got home from college. It was about 2 months before David and I got married and I was at 156. This most likely means I am at the lowest weight of my married life! Now weight isn't everything and I am definitely in better physical shape now, but I am glad to be seeing results. I feel so much healthier overall and am constantly amazed by how much better my body functions when I fuel it correctly and exercise!
Here are my measurements for this month:

Right Arm: 13
Left Arm: 13
Right Leg: 24 (.5 inch lost)
Left Leg: 24 (1 inch lost)
Right Calf: 15
Left Calf: 15.5
Natural waist: 29 (1inch lost)
Waist at belly button: 31.5 (2 inches lost)
Hips: 41 (1 inch lost)
Bust: 37 (1.5 inches lost)

This month I can definitely see how I continue to lose weight in the areas that my body holds onto fat,  mainly my midsection and hips. I'm also trying to focus on toning my arms since they are an area I find I always have trouble with.

Left: Jan 4//Right: June 2

Left: April 29//Right: June 2

Starting weight: 197.6//Current weight: 157.2//Loss since Jan. 4: 40.4 pounds//Overall: 82.8 pounds

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