Sunday, September 11, 2016

Non-scale victories Pt. 2

I am hoping to be doing more regular posts here in the upcoming months, but life is always getting more and more crazy so I won't make any promises. Here's a snapshot of some non-scale victories recently. These are important for me to recognize so that I look at my overall health and habits rather than the numbers on a scale, because those numbers only give a small look at your overall health and well-being.

1. Retiring my size 12 and size 10 jeans. My size 8 jeans are too loose as well, but size 6 jeans don't fit my quads...
2. Measuring my body fat percentage and finding out I'm at an ideal percentage for my age(20%).
3. Not caring about showing my arms even with the stretch marks. I have some actual muscle definition there. Now I just have to keep working to get rid of the extra fat.
4. Being able to walk further in general and keep up with my active toddler.
5. Getting my average road pace under 11 minutes on most days.
6. That healthy and balanced eating has become the habit and I don't have to force myself to eat healthfully, it's just what I gravitate towards.
7. Running a trail 10K! And not feeling awful afterwards.

All of these little moments are what push me to continue my healthy lifestyle. For me it is all about balance and doing what works for you to be happy and healthy in your routine.
I am also super grateful to have an amazing support system that is always there to cheer me on.

Most of my team for Ragnar, plus my husband, at a 10K training race. He came in second overall!

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