Tuesday, February 11, 2014

14-15 weeks

I apologize that I don't have a photo for you this week, but it isn't all that different from the last photo I posted. I promise I'll be better in the future. 
So instead, here is a picture of a navel orange. Apparently the baby is about this big right now. Things aren't changing much week to week, so I've combined 14 and 15 weeks.

How far along: 15 weeks

Gender: Don't know yet. We will be finding out on March 5th!

Maternity clothes: Maternity pants. I have also been wearing my favorite tees from Gap. They are super comfy.

Stretch marks: Yes. 

Belly button in or out: Very in. I have quite a deep belly button so it will be interesting to see if/when it pops.

Sleep: Pretty good so far. I am getting some lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain, but nothing too terrible. 

Best moment this week: Finding out that the hubby got into grad school. Yay! Go baby!

Worst moment this week: Finding out I don't have insurance like I believed I did. And having to wait 30 days to be told I don't qualify for Medicaid (which I already know) to get insurance through Healthcare.gov which won't go into effect for another month. So that's a pretty big stress right now. I just have to faith that it will all work out. 

Miss anything: Not having to use the bathroom everything 30-60 minutes. Not having random shooting pains down the back of my leg. 

Movement: Not yet. Can't wait for that to happen.

Cravings: Anything sour! Especially lemonade. Can't get enough of the sour stuff. Also, anything with potatoes.

Queasy or sick:  Nope.

Looking forward to: My nephew's 2nd birthday this weekend! 

So that's all for now. Check back next week for another update!

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