Tuesday, March 25, 2014

21 weeks; baby is the size of a pomegranate!

Hello all! This has been an extremely busy week, but that's how life is these days. Time seems to be flying by which is making me nervous and excited to meet this little man. Here's this week's update! 

blocks: GRACE & SALT 
jeans: Gap 
shirt: Gap
cardigan: Old Navy
How far along: 21 weeks

Gender: BOY! We could not be more excited to have this little man in our life.

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. Most of what I wear is maternity these days to show off this bump. 

Stretch marks: Yep. No new ones really, but the ones I have are here to stay.  

Belly button in or out: In. At the rate my bump is growing it may be out before too long. 

Sleep: Good and bad depending on the night. Some nights aren't bad at all. But some nights it is almost impossible to sleep well. 

Best moment this week: Being able to visit family in Greensboro for the weekend and yoga! I am loving being able to stretch and strengthen my body. It is also very relaxing. 

Worst moment this week: Saturday night. I did not sleep well at all and had a migraine for most of the day on Sunday. 

Miss anything: Not having my belly in the way when I'm trying to do things, especially in yoga or when finding a position to sleep in. 

Movement: Lots and lots. He likes to lay straight out and push out on my belly, which feels really weird but cool at the same time. He has been rolling around and kicking a lot lately as well. 

Cravings: Cuties! I must have eaten about 10 this weekend. 

Queasy or sick: Nothing too terrible, migraines and headaches have been my main complaint. Overall nothing too bad. 

Looking forward to: More yoga next week and going to a baby shower for one of my friends this weekend.

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