Tuesday, May 6, 2014

27 weeks; baby is the size of a cucumber/rutabaga/bunch of bananas!

Another week has flown by! We had a busy week frought with car woes and travelling out of town that made this week seem incredibly short. What happened to April??? I cannot believe it is already May and I only have 3 months left until this little one is here. There are also several different comparisons to be made for the size of our baby this week, so I included all of them. 

blocks: GRACE & SALT 
dress: Old Navy
cardigan: Target

How far along: 27 weeks

Gender: BOY!

Maternity clothes: Yep. I have been loving the dress I'm wearing in the picture above. I'm finally getting some jeans that have the band that comes up over my belly because the one that comes underneath is starting to annoy me. 

Stretch marks: Yes. I try to just ignore them at this point. It doesn't matter how much lotion I slather on. Mostly they are just itchy and annoying. 

Belly button in or out: Still in. Any day now it'll be out. 

Sleep: Pretty good. I'll have a few good days and a few not so good, but it isn't terrible for now. 

Best moment this week: Getting to spend time with family in Greensboro for Christopher and Natalie's wedding! We got to spend some time with David's sister and her husband as well, which was especially nice since we haven't seen them since August of last year. 

Worst moment this week: Having my feet swell up with the heat and the amount of standing I did on Saturday. They were super sore on Sunday. Luckily it was an easy fix with some elevation and lots of water. 

Miss anything: Wearing my normal clothes and being able to sleep on my back. 

Movement: Yep! He doesn't like do be too cramped and starts kicking like crazy when I lean forward and don't give him enough room. 

Cravings: Smoothies! I've been loving smoothies this week especially since they cool me down and are super yummy. 

Queasy or sick: Nope!

Looking forward to: Getting things packed up and moved. I'm not excited that we are moving, but I'm looking forward to getting settled into a new place. 


  1. Good luck with the move! It's fun to read about how you are doing. I'm so glad you are sharing!

    1. Thanks Kristine! I love being able to share what is going on in my life with my family, especially when you guys are so far away. It definitely helps me feel closer to you all!