Tuesday, May 20, 2014

29 weeks; baby is the size of an acorn squash!

Hello all! Another week has flown by. We spent this weekend moving which is why this picture is in a slightly different place. Also, I forgot my blocks! So this week I'm breaking tradition and don't have my blocks. We are still getting settled and have a lot to do at our old apartment but things are progressing. Read on for the details this week.

pants: Gap
shirt: Gap; similar
cardigan: Target; similar, similar

How far along: 29 weeks

Gender: BOY!

Maternity clothes: Oh yes. I've been wearing my favorite things on repeat for the most part. At this point there is a limited number of things that fit me. I have a feeling that will continue as the weeks go by. 

Stretch marks: Yup. Nothing new. Just itchier skin because it's getting stretched. 

Belly button in or out: Still in! I'm rather impressed at this point. I expected it to be out by now. 

Sleep: Not totally great. I've had some pain in my back that keeps me up some nights. And sometimes this little man moves so much that it wakes me up. I don't mind that as much. :) I'm now using 5 pillows to try and get comfortable. 

Best moment this week: Passing my glucose challenge test! I was quite relieved that I don't have gestational diabetes. Not that I was particularly worried about it, but it was nice to not have to worry about it.  

Worst moment this week: Being completely exhausted from moving all week and weekend. It is so much easier to get worn out and I don't like not having as much energy. 

Miss anything: LUNG CAPACITY. Oh my goodness my lungs are started to get a bit crushed at this point. 

Movement: Yep. I can feel how much he has grown by his movements. If I lay on my side I can basically feel him stretch all the way out and feel his whole length. It's really weird sometimes, but also very cool. 

Cravings: Fresh fruit. I have really been wanting all sorts of fresh stuff lately. 

Queasy or sick: Occassionally his movements make my stomach churn a bit, but nothing too terrible. 

Looking forward to: Holding this little man in my arms! I know I have a few months left, but things feel incredibly real to me as of late and I can't wait to hold him and smush him and love on him. 

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