Tuesday, June 3, 2014

31 weeks; baby is the size of a pineapple!

Another week gone and here we are again. We have had a week of craziness here again as we wrapped up our moving process and cleaning out the apartment. We turned in our keys on Saturday. It was kind of sad, but we know we are moving on to a new adventure. Read on for more from this week!

dress: Old Navy
cardigan: Target

How far along: 31 weeks

Gender: BOY!

Maternity clothes: Yes. This dress is my go-to lazy dress. In fact I wore this exact outfit 4 weeks ago. If you want to go back and look for comparison, I won't need to convince you this little man is GROWING!

Stretch marks: Yep. No new ones yet for the past little bit. I'm sure that will change soon. 

Belly button in or out: Still in.

Sleep: Okay. A few nights this week were particularly bad. I couldn't fall back to sleep after getting up to use the bathroom. That has never been a problem for me, so I hope this isn't a new trend. 

Best moment this week: Getting to spend some quality time with my husband this weekend. I am really trying to enjoy those moments as much as possible while I still have the chance. 

Worst moment this week: Having to say goodbye to our ward. We are definitely going to miss all of our awesome friends there. 

Miss anything: Not having swollen feet in this summer heat. 

Movement: Lots of it. I can now feel little one kicking my ribs on one side. And I can sometimes see his head pushing on one side of my stomach. 

Cravings: Watermelon, fresh peaches, water, cantaloupe, strawberries. 

Queasy or sick:  Nope!

Looking forward to: Our first parenting class at the hospital this weekend!

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