Friday, February 5, 2016

February Progress Week 1

I was going to include this with my January update, but I didn't want to take my measurements that early. I think its important to consider your body measurements when looking at your overall progress. Weight loss can be from water weight, but real results will show up in your body measurements. I measure both my natural waist and waist at the widest part because I have such an hourglass shape, so it's helpful for me, hence the reason I have two separate measurements.

January 7th inches-                                               February 5th inches-

Weight: 195.6                                                        Weight:183.2
Right Arm: 16                                                       Right Arm: 15
Left Arm: 16                                                         Left Arm: 15
Right Leg: 27.5                                                     Right Leg: 26.5
Left Leg: 27                                                          Left Leg: 26.5
Right Calf: 16                                                       Right Calf: 15
Left Calf: 16                                                         Left Calf: 15
Natural waist: 36                                                  Natural waist: 33.5
Waist at belly button: 41.5                                   Waist at belly button: 39
Hips: 46.5                                                             Hips: 45
Bust: 41                                                                Bust: 40

Total: 242/247.5                                                   Total: 231.5/237

That's a total loss of 10.5 inches! This isn't extremely surprising considering I've lost 12.4 pounds in a month. This is not typical weight loss, but since I started at a much higher weight and have a lot to lose, I've lost more in a shorter amount of time. This isn't a sustainable rate of loss and I wouldn't want it to be. A key to successfully keeping the weight off is to be consistent with new habits and stick to your goals.

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