Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Current Fitness Routine

I'll start off by saying that fitness doesn't need to be going to the gym or doing anything specific. JUST MOVE YOUR BODY! Many people, myself included, get discouraged because they don't know where to start.
My favorite way to get active is getting outside with my family. It can be difficult especially since it is colder right now, but bundle up and get moving!
My current routine works mainly because my toddler still naps twice a day for 1.5-2 hours. Do what works for you and your routine.
Currently I'm using this bike which I received as a Birthday gift from my wonderful husband. I bike for 30 mins to an hour a day. I also do weighted arm workouts while I'm biking along with a different body weight workout for each day.
I also use my FitBit to help track my steps and activity. I aim for 7,500 steps a day, which can sometimes be a challenge since I stay at home, but I do like a challenge.
Please add me on MyFitnessPal and FitBit if you have them so we can motivate each other.

Here's a breakdown of my daily bodyweight exercises. I try to do these daily, but I'm focused on always completing my biking first.

Monday:                                                     Tuesday:

20 jumping jacks                                         40 jumping jacks
1:00 hamstring stretch                                 15 lying toe touches
:30 high knees                                              10 roll ups
20 jumping jacks                                          3 lying leg lifts
10 squats                                                       40 bicycle crunches
10 side lunges-each side                               20 flutter kicks
5 calf raises                                                   10 seated knee tucks
20 lunges                                                       5 extra slow roll ups
10 one leg calf raises-each leg                      3 lying leg raises
10 squats                                                       10 reverse crunches
25 inner thigh leg lifts-each leg                    10 lunge twists
10 side lunges-each side                               30 jumping jacks
5 jump squats                                                Plank for as long as possible
1:30 hamstring stretch
:45 calf stretch-each leg
3:00 pike stretch

Wednesday:                                                Thursday:

40 jumping jacks                                          20 jumping jacks
:30 jump rope                                               10 wrist circles
:20 high knees                                              20 arm swings
:20 butt kicks                                                10 kneeling push ups
30 mountain climbers                                   10 tricep dips                                
5 jump squats                                                10 weighted arm circles
:30 jump rope                                                10 tricep dips
25 jumping jacks                                           20 incline push ups
20 pivot upper cuts                                        1 full bridge
:30 march in place                                          5 tricep push ups
35 jumping jacks                                            20 arm swings
:40 jump rope                                                 10 kneeling push ups
5 jump squats
:30 high knees

Friday:                                                          Saturday: 

:30 plank                                                        30 jumping jacks
:20 side plank-each side                                 5 burpees
30 oblique crunches                                       2 star jumps
20 scissor kicks                                              40 Russian twists
20 mountain climbers                                     10 oblique crunches-each side
5 V sit ups                                                       :30 side plank-each side
:30 plank                                                         :40 plank
10 vertical leg crunches                                  20 bicycles
10 Russian twists                                             30 jumping jacks
15 mountain climbers                                      3 burpees
10 scissor kicks                                                20 mountain climbers
:30 plank                                                          10 side leg lifts-each leg
                                                                         30 Russian twists
                                                                         :30 side plank-each side
                                                                         10 oblique crunches-each side
                                                                          5 burpees

So there it is! The full routine. Again all of this can be tailored to fit your fitness level and lifestyle.
What is your favorite way to get active? Let me know in the comments.

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