Saturday, February 13, 2016

February Progress Week 2

This week was good for many reasons. I'm down 2.6 pounds-from 184.2 to 181.6. I continue to feel so much better overall and can definitely see the progress I've made. Some days I do feel super bloated and get discouraged, but I'm proud that I am sticking to my goals and making good choices.
I've gotten to the point now where I usually plan what I will eat for the day in the morning, while I'm eating breakfast. I find that this lets me know what I'm lacking for the day as far as protein or if I need more fruits and veggies. I also feel more in control of my eating this way. This may not work for everyone, but this definitely helps me overall. I do change my mind, but planning ahead also gives me an idea of how many calories I have left or how many calories on average I should eat for each meal.
I've also found a nice little trick to get in some extra activity. Towards 5pm-6pm Everett tends to get a bit restless and whiny. So I put on some music and dance around like a maniac while cleaning up his toys. I might look silly but it makes Everett laugh, the toys get picked up and I get in a short workout boost. I will also throw in a couple rounds of some push ups, sit ups, planks, etc. Whatever I feel like doing to push our dance party as much as possible.
I will be putting together a play list this week of some good songs that are happy and motivating songs for a nice little dance party.
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Starting weight: 197.6//Current weight: 181.6//Loss since Jan. 4: 16 pounds//Overall: 58.4 pounds

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