Friday, February 19, 2016

My First Mile

Well...not really, but the first mile I've run in years.

One of my most vivid memories is around the time I was 10 years old. Part of gym class was to run a mile around our outdoor track. I did have asthma so I was cautious, but tried to run. I started by running and slowed down occasionally, then had some friends who said we should just walk the rest of the way. It took over 25 minutes for us to complete the mile. The gym period was over and the teacher had to come and get us. I remember him giving us our time on a slip of paper and I just felt awful. So awful that I had failed so badly. It didn't effect me that much at that age, but it has stuck with me. I wanted to be more than that failed mile.

I always said that I just wasn't a runner. That I couldn't do it and it wasn't for me, but I decided not to make excuses anymore. David and I decided to run a Ragnar Relay together. The Ragnar is in September, which means I have 7 months to "train" for the run. I don't have to do any specific training until 12 weeks before, so I do have a few months to just get used to running, which I'm grateful for considering I'm a novice.

So tonight, I ran my first mile. It was difficult. It took me almost 16 minutes to complete, but I did it. It was mostly fast walking mixed with sprints. But I did it. I had a stitch in my side for half the run, but I did it. That matters more to me than anything else.

If anyone has any tips to stay motivated or just for starting running in general, let me know!


  1. I relate. I don't consider myself a runner either. Rather than going on a long run, I just run long enough to get my heart rate up as a warm up before a routine exercise. I have been told that running is part technique, physical endurance, and also mental endurance. Great job on getting that mile in regardless of the discomfort! That is definitely overcoming the first mental hurdle for distance running. Motivation definitely continues when you take the moment to celebrate your successes no matter how small. Every effort counts.