Monday, March 7, 2016

Product spotlight: Ginny Bakes

The more that I've committed myself to health and fitness, the more I've discovered the variety of foods available. Instagram has made me more aware to these companies and foods than ever before and I am excited to be able to try as many as possible. 

Because these products are not always available where I normally shop, I have made a few trips to Whole Foods and have purchased some online when I find a good deal to give them a try. 

I am in no way saying that you have to spend more money to eat healthfully, but I am interested in trying a variety of brands and products as a way to keep healthy eating varied and exciting. 

One such company is Ginny Bakes. I did order these products online because, as a new member to their email list, I received $5 off my order of $25 or more. I did the math and it ended up being the most economical choice and was the best price per package versus regular store retail. 

They are stocked in my local Earth Fare, but when I called to check and see if they were available, as the Ginny Bakes website suggests, they were not in stock. 

Within my order, I did not purchase every single type of product they offer since I was most interested in their cookies. Ginny Bakes cookies are organic, gluten-free, non-GMO certified, vegan, kosher, hand-made, and absolutely delicious. Ginny Bakes is also a family company that partners with suppliers that are committed to being good stewards over the planet.  Another aspect that appealed to me is that the regular cookies are only 50 calories per cookie, so I feel like I can indulge without undoing my day. 

While I do not employ a gluten-free diet, my mother does due to a gluten intolerance. This makes me extra happy when I can find a product I love that she can enjoy as well. 

Onto the actual products. I purchased the Blissed Out Bundle which includes chocolate chip love, chocolate chip oatmeal bliss, double chocolate happiness and chocolate macadamia love. I also purchased one box of GB minis in Butter Crisp Love. Each packet is 120 calories of mini goodness. 

These cookies are CRUNCHY! I am all for a soft cookie, but I love a good, crunchy cookie as well. The flavor is rich and the individual flavors shine through. The classic chocolate chip cookie isn't packed with chips, but not lacking in chocolate by any means. I am a person who likes to enjoy the actual taste of the cookie, paired with the chocolate chips throughout. The macadamia chocolate chip cookies are perfectly nutty and equally delicious. I enjoyed the butter crisp minis paired with some almond butter, which took them to the next level. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies make me feel like I'm getting an indulgent dessert, but the oats make it feel extra healthy. The double chocolate happiness is just that. Perfect cocoa taste with chocolate chips mixed in. 

Everett tries to steal bites and David absolutely loves these cookies as well, so I know I'm not biased.

I absolutely loved every single flavor I tried and am excited to be able to try more flavors as well as the other products they offer like their baking mixes, bars, crumbles and the list goes on. 

Like I mentioned above, if you sign-up for their email list, you will be able to get a discount on your order and if you purchase a bundle, you receive free shipping! 

*This post is in no way sponsored by Ginny Bakes. I just love their products and wanted to share the happiness with all of you!*

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